R1Q2 Komendy

R1Q2 Komendy konsoli:

r_maxfps [integer]

Maximum rendering FPS (previously limited by cl_maxfps). Default 1000.

cl_maxfps [integer]

Controls network packet rate. More than 30 is rarely needed, keep it at 30 to save bandwidth and CPU resources on server. Default 30. If cl_async is 0, cl_maxfps and r_maxfps become the same thing.

scr_conheight [float]

Percentage of the screen that the console will drop to. Ranges beteen 0 and 1. Default 0.5.

m_directinput [0/1]

Enable DirectInput mouse support which provides smoother, non-accelerated mouse input. Default 0. Set to 1 to enable „buffered” DirectInput, 2 to enable „immediate” DirectInput. Immediate takes a snapshot of the mouse state when Q2 asks for one as opposed to buffered which lets Q2 see every single mouse event.

m_fixaccel [0/1]

Attempt to disable mouse acceleration on Win2k/XP/2k3. Note that this won’t remove acceleration completely, but lessen the effect of it (Windows limitation).
DirectInput is recommended to remove it completely. Default depends on OS, 0 on Win9x, 1 on Win2k+. Ignored if using DirectInput.

in_dinputkeyboard [0/1]

Enable DirectInput keyboard support. May help with those experiencing „keyjams” where input continues to occur after releasing a key or a key takes a moment to register. Default 0.

cl_cmdcomplete [0/1/2]

Console tab completion behaviour. 0 = standard Q2 style, 1 = ProQuake style, 2 = R1Q2 style. Default 2.

cl_drawfps [0/1]

Draw the number of frames rendered per second on screen. Default 0.

cl_async [0/1]

Use asyncronous network/rendering FPS. Asyncronous FPS will reduce outgoing bandwidth/packet rate at the expense of altering how certain aspects of the physics respond. Set to 0 if you prefer to use the exact same model as Q2 3.20. Default 1.

cl_instantpacket [0/1]

Send packet immediately on important events such as weapon firing. Warning, this command will cause you to exceed whatever cl_maxfps is set to and may cause lag if your rendering rate is very high. Safe to use and recommended in b1788+ as it will only send additional packets on the first input event or command. Default 1, ignored if cl_async is 0.

cl_smoothsteps [0/1/2/3]

Smooth movement up steps/stairs. The prediction that smooths this doesn’t work so well at low cl_maxfps values so you can turn it off. 0 = off, 1 = original Q2 style step smoothing, 2 = more aggressive step smoothing, 3 = try to detect 'steps’ and only smooth them. If cl_async is set to 0, this cvar is ignored and the original Q2 style smoothing is used. Default 3.

cl_strafejump_hack [0/1]

If 1, predict strafejumps that would normally be capped by FPS limits. Will cause prediction misses on all servers except R1Q2 servers running sv_strafejump_hack 1. Before you ask, no, this will not allow you to strafe jump any better unless the server is R1Q2 with sv_strafejump_hack 1. Default 0.

cl_defermodels [0/1]

Defer model loading for faster connection times, but can cause stuttering when first entering the map. Default 1, can be disabled if it bothers you.

cl_filterchat [0/1]

Filter colortext or other funky characters from chat messages? Default 0.

cl_autorecord [0/1]

Automatically begin recording on entering a map? Default 0. Will record to 'YY-MM-DD-HHMM-mapname.dm2′ if 1.

cl_railtrail [integer]

Set colored/xania railgun trail. Values from 1-5 will use a colored laser, values from 5-248 will alter the colors of the original railgun trail. Default 0.

cl_beginmapcmd [string]

A string of commands to run at the beginning and end of a map respectively. Eg set cl_endmapcmd „screenshot” will take a screenshot at the end of a map.

s_initsound [0/1/2]

Control sound initialization style. 0 = no sound, 1 = Q2 standard (DirectSound), 2 = OpenAL (requires OpenAL runtimes). Default 1.

s_openal_device [string]

OpenAL device to use. Defaults to DirectSound3D, can be DirectSound or MMSYSTEM.

s_openal_extensions [0/1]

Control whether OpenAL should initialize any extensions. Default 1.

s_openal_eax [0/1]

Control whether to use EAX. Default 0. At present, only underwater effect is supported.

s_openal_volume [float]

Allows scaling of OpenAL volume. Default 1.

ignore text

Ignore any chat messages containing text.

unignore text

Allow previously ignored messages containing text.

toggle cvar options

Toggle the value of the cvar cvar. The optional list of options may be specified as a list of options that will be toggled. Example: toggle cl_particles will flip
cl_particles between 0 and 1. toggle cl_maxfps 30 60 90 will flip cl_maxfps between 30, 60 and 90 with each use.

addloc name

Add a map location at your current position called name. Used by the $$loc_here / $$loc_there metavars.


Write the current map location database to maps/mapname.loc.

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